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You Said It, R.K. Laxman.

Editors posted on 28 January

By Editors

If you were born in the eighties, and actually relied on the newspaper to learn about what was going on in the city, you've seen R.K. Laxman. For the digital kids, you don't know Indian cartoons until you know him.

Best known for his creation 'The Common Man', and for his daily comic strip, 'You said It'; it chronicled India's political life and history, giving us laughs before the world of memes, GIFS and every other app took over. Despite profiling India's reality,  his strips managed to make light of otherwise grim situations.

LBB tips its hat in his honour; he who, without any formal training in cartooning, managed to churn out decades of genius work, inject colour into  an otherwise black and white {we're talking before TOI went colour} newspaper, and define much of our childhood. The childhood that comprised stealing newspapers, in a feigned attempt to appear serious in our educational endeavors.

RK Laxman passed away on the evening of 26 January, due to multi-organ failure, at the age of 93. We lost a legend, and that's one more reason the 26th of January will remain a memory.