Live Up To That Resolution! Get Fit This Year With Blogger Saloni Kukreja And Make The Right Choices

Lipton posted on 07 February

Say Hi!

If you haven’t already checked out the jaw-dropping Instagram feed of Food Of Mumbai, you’re missing out on some serious drooling moments. Saloni Kukreja, the founder of this profile is all about food and travel. Her love for exploring new cuisines, culture and experimenting with exciting ingredients will get you all pumped up about trying new things.

New Year, New You!

Like most people, if your goal is also to lose a few inches before summers to get that hot bod you desire – set your goals right like Saloni and get with them. Her focus? To promote a healthier lifestyle by watching out for nutritious food and beverages on her voyage to exploring new cultures and cuisines. Her focus? Cutting down on unnecessary fats and sugars. And we know this sounds tough, so we’re following her mantra –  her portions. Since a food blogger cannot really live with avoiding food, they can taste everything in small portions and keep it light.

Tips And Tricks

Saloni Kukreja plans her path to fitness by exploring and experimenting with nutrients that are local, high on nutrition and are organic in nature. Apart from exercising daily and training at the gym regularly, she is going to create healthier fixes with high fibre and protein intakes, and share the same with all her followers. Follow her to get fit with her.

Meeting The Goal

With a routine that involves workout and of course a lot of food tasting, one thing that she needs by her side all the time is a refreshing drink. So, in order to avoid the aerated drinks with artificial flavours and excess amounts of sugar, she prefers to go with Lipton Ice Tea. Infused with real tea leaves and pertaining to low sugar levels, this bottle of happiness has everything to help you balance your diet goals. So get ready to make 2018 your year of fitness!