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Sanadige: Seafood Platters, Ghee Roasts & Fresh Fruit Cocktails

Navni posted on 11 April


Spanning three floors, the brand new Sanadige {a Bangalore import} at Malcha Marg offers a ton of seafood and meats infused with spices,  fresh, fruity cocktails and a gorgeously-lit terrace.


Chicken Ghee Roast, Anjal Masala Fry, Elaneer Payasam


Watermelon Bramble


For their classy set-up, uber helpful staff, and mini wooden boats in which they present the bill

Roasts From The Coast

Sanadige refers to a brass lamp which is lit on special occasions, and the restaurant, pertaining to its name, does the job of lighting up your evening well, with its food and cocktails. Every meal here begins a welcome drink of spicy chilled Kokum Kadi. We recommend following this with the Seafood Platter so you can get a little bit of fish, prawn and crab {the mutton or seafood thalis are a good solution for this but they’re only available between Monday to Thursday}.

The Chicken Ghee Roast with a coating of thick gravy was definitely one of the highlights of the meal, along with the kadi patta-heavy Mamsa Mutton Fry. The Anjal fish too was a winner, but the kaantas make it limited to only those who can skillfully handle fish bones without choking.

For mains, we hear the Bangda, Mangalorean Mutton Curry and Karavalli Jenji Curry are popular picks. Pair your mains with a Kerala Appam, a Malabari Paratha or our personal favourite, the Neer Dosa.

For dessert, look no further than the creamy Elaneer Payasam, served in coconut-shaped bowl.

The Surprise Elements

Sanadige also offers a range of north Indian and Chinese fare and although we strongly suggest sticking to the coastal {from Goa and Karnataka}, the Chilli Paneer was surprisingly a winner of a dish, and might be worth ordering on the side. The cocktails too are beautiful. We were happy to see carton and canned juices been given the boot and fresh tender coconut water and watermelon juice being used instead.

The gin-based Watermelon Bramble full of basil leaves should be your drink for the summer.

The Catch

The seafood menu, although vast, is always subject to availability, depending on the fresh catch. So we’d suggest not getting too fixated on one dish before asking the server what the plat du jour is.

PS: It’s a good idea to end your meal here with the filter coffee but keep in mind, this is served in a cup and not the usual dabarahs and tumblers we’re used to drinking it in.

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