Need To Be Heard? Sanjivini Can Help With Free Counselling

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What Makes It Awesome

Most days when we’re grappling with stress, we seldom slow down and talk about what usually bothers us and hence, these issues build up. Sanjivini Society for Mental Health has opened its gates to people who want to be heard and counselled.

A registered voluntary organisation, Sanjivini addresses mental health issues and has counselled many folks in the city going through depression, anxiety or any other mental stress. Their counselling services are free and completely confidential and the counsellors take that extra step to follow up on appointments. 

Sanjivini counsellors are usually individuals from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds who give their time to aid others. Apart from counselling, they also help with raising funds for the organisation, organising workshops, and helping the society grow positively. Apart from running a crisis intervention centre, Sanjivini also runs a rehabilitation centre for people who need more than just counselling.

You can reach out to them through their website and fix yourself an appointment!


Sanjivini Society for Mental Health regularly puts out a call for volunteers and interns as well. Do follow their Facebook page if you're interested in doing some good.