Ten-Second Takeaway

Lacking an official name, Sardaar Ki Aloo Poori is a small, almost run-down restaurant in Daryaganj which sets up shop every Sunday, churning out some excellent aloo puri.

Must Eat

Aloo Puri

Must Drink

Meethi Lassi

What We Loved

They have seating for maybe six or eight people that is practically on the road, so it’s better to just sit in your car and eat.

I just love going to Daryaganj for our Sunday brunch. At INR 40 a plate, it cannot get any better. The puris are piping hot, crisped to perfection and are just out of this world. Maybe it’s the Jain in me, but I need my regular dose of aloo puri and this is where I go when I need my fix.

Daryaganj at that early hour on a Sunday morning is a completely different place. The mad traffic is absent, you can actually see the road, and you are in no danger of being run over by a rickshaw.

What Didn’t Impress Us

Their water is a little dodgy, so you may want to carry your own.


Reach early to avoid the rush. I usually get there by 8.30am and am out before it gets super crowded. If you’re driving, go with a friend or family member; there is usually no parking available so you just have to find a spot to squeeze in to, while your companion goes and orders.

Also, don’t forget to ask for extra achaar- he does a fabulous pickled amla, carrot or chilli- whatever’s in season.

Where: Near Delhi Book Depot, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, Delhi {just ask for Sardaar’s shop}

Nearest Metro Station: Chawri Bazaar {we’d however suggest driving, taking a cab or an auto}

Price: INR 40 for one plate {approx.}

Timings: Sunday mornings {8am onwards}

Featured image courtesy: Anubhav Sapra/ Delhi Foodwalks


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