This is terrible; it looks like everybody’s favourite street-shopping haunt, Sarojini Nagar, has shut down all its street shops? We went to take a look and all the awesome street shops¬†were gone. Why? Well, apparently, regular shop owners complained that they were taking away business from them.

040816_SarojiniNagarClosed1This means that all our favourite thelas, selling everything from spaghetti tops to trendy baubles and trinkets, have pulled their metaphorical shutters down for now {the permanent, non-thela shops are still there, though}. The gallis of Sarojini Nagar that were once upon a time teeming with happy shoppers look a little bit lonely.

EDIT: The Sarojini Market Shopkeeper’s Association has clarified that “the market is fully operational. The Sarojini market shopkeeper’s association is undergoing a drive to remove all encroachment on streets which was the reason of security issues, corruption and illegal theft of electricity. By this movement they are trying to create a space which is congestion-free in the interest of common people visiting this market.”

When {if ever} are the thelas¬†and their happy prices coming back? Well, we can’t say for sure, but till then, at least we still have the regular stores to shop from. Here, enjoy this Sarojini Nagar video of ours and relive the glory days. We’ll keep you posted.

Photos: Urvee Modwel/LBB