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Sassy and Fabulous | Sugarama Chocolates

Rupali posted on 01 April

By Rupali Lamba

Sassy and fabulous, dainty and delicious, Sugarama has been creating quite the stir in Delhi. We decided to get our hands on a box of mixed chocolates, and have we a scrumptious story to tell.

Sugarama was founded by Rama Chadha after he {classically} quit a corporate job and family business to do a course in Patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in Sydney. His motivation - the need to celebrate taste. He saw how far the rest of the world had evolved when it came to pastry, dessert and chocolate, while Delhi was stuck in the cupcake, fondant and compound chocolate phase. He decided to test the market not just by creating delightful goodies, but also with a long-term vision to elevate the sweet trade altogether, through culinary events and collaborations.

Being very finicky when it comes to taste, Rama experiments, and creates profiles that he would like to eat or knows would work together, but just aren’t being done well, if at all. This philosophy has led to the creation of some of the chocolates we got to taste.

All the chocolates had smooth, dark, chocolaty covers, and have a soft and flavoursome center. The Orange chocolate and Rum chocolate, though pretty classic, felt like they should be an essential part of my life. They were that rare combination of delicate, yet extremely satisfying. The Star Anise version was pleasant – best enjoyed after a heavy Asian meal. The Salted Caramel was a bit too salty – almost entirely savoury. The Salted Ginger was better balanced, and my grandma’s favourite. The mama of the Sugarama mixed bag was the Strawberry Chilli, super sexy for gifting and {obviously} for self indulgence.

There are not too many establishments out there that challenge your taste buds, or give you a chance to understand why unfamiliar things can feel so right. Sugarama's products not only look really good, but taste even better - the perfect package.

Rama could go on all day about food and dessert, and how all the eating has led to his wardrobe choices diminishing. But you know what they say; you can’t trust a skinny chef {his words}. I, on the other hand, will be a willing guinea pig for all his culinary experiments – if such chocolates are the fruit of the same!

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Ideal for the bed-side-table and for gifts to express love and attention. I would maintain a steady supply of the Rum version. They also make cake!

Price: INR 30 per piece. They have boxes of 12,15, and 25 pieces of chocolate. Cakes range from Rs. 1200 to 1500 per kilo.

You can find out more on their Facebook page here.

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