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Go On Exciting Safaris & Spot Tigers At Satpura National Park

    What Makes It Awesome

    Satpura National Park in Madhya Pradesh is a 524 sq. km huge reserve, famous for spotting our national animal, the tiger. One of the many offerings that the state of Madhya Pradesh puts up for nature lovers, this national park was established in 1981, and made open to all, barring a few restricted regions.

    Apart from tigers, sightings of the Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, crocodiles, wild boar etc. have been made. All in all, this park is a sure shot treat for wildlife enthusiasts. The flora of the park is majorly dominated by the sal and teak trees that have their own set of medicinal benefits as well.

    You can visit the reserve either on an open jeep safari or opt for an elephant safari. The morning safari goes on from 6am to 10am and the afternoon one starts from around 2pm and goes on till 6pm.  Nobody is allowed to be inside the park post sunset.

    Since it is located on the banks of River Denwa, you can also go boating inside the tiger reserve to spot some water animals and birds.

    Now, if you go inside the park via the Madhai entrance, then you will have to cross the river using a speedboat. Satpura National Park is the only one in India that has a river naturally guarding its borders. This is a little adventure in itself.

    If you are a photographer then don’t forget to pack your zoom lenses to click beautiful pictures of birds for your portfolio.

    What Could Be Better

    The park is open from October to June, and shut during monsoons. So, because of the season's restrictions, the park can get heavily crowded between Oct to June.

    If possible keep your waste production at a minimum and don’t harm the environment.


    Go for as many Safaris as possible to increase the chances of you sighting a tiger! Also, visit Bee Falls near the park for a refreshing waterfall break.

    Cost per safari: Starting at INR 3,500.