This Premium Hair Oil Gets You Closer To #HairGoals, One Strand At A Time


A 100ml bottle that can easily be called an elixir for your hair. Perfect mixture of the right kind of oils that will leave you with hair that can be easily described with #hairgoals.

It’s A Knotty Affair

Everyday stress, pollution, and regular colour and bleaching have ruined what hair was supposed to be like. We have to live with problems like hair fall, frizziness, tangles, greying and a lot more. That scene in the shower when you wash your hair and see a bunch just go down the drain {oh, the pain!}. But then we know that a little bit of coconut oil was never the solution. You would need a prayer or a bunch of things put together to help you out. We got a chance to try  Satthwa premium hair oil firsthand. It came as a boon to our current problem of overtly bleached hair that was just breaking apart.

What Is The Satthwa Mix?

Satthwa, a premium hair oil that would take care of everything. A paraben-free hair oil made when you put together a lot of ingredients {oils in it – coconut, jojoba, almond, castor, amla, emu, grapeseed, olive…phew!} There are no additives and trust us when we tell you, no odour and no stickiness.

So, We Are Saying…

Get it now! It suits all kinds of hair and if balding is your fear {we fear that too, every morning} then this is the product for you.

You can know all about Satthwa premium hair oil here or buy it on Amazon or Flipkart.

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