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Pet Parents, This Brand Takes Care Of Our Pet's Skin

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What Makes It Awesome

Y’know how some of us have really extra skincare routines with 5 steps, different toners, moisturisers, facial oils and rollers and that’s not even all? Here’s something you and I probably hadn’t thought of before; our dogs have skin issues, too, that need checking up on. That realisation hit hard when I saw Scooby Dub Dub online; they’re making chemical-free, all-natural products for doggos to heal them from parasitic skin issues. Ticks, fleas, all that terrifying stuff. 

Their OG product, named Scooby Dub Dub, is a powder that you mix up with oil and massage into your dog’s skin 15 minutes before their bath and then wash off. The pack helps keep away ticks and fleas while also helping growth of fur and adding shine to their coat. My dog loves petting but hates baths that have to follow it so I try to use it only when she’s been out too much or in the spot where I picked a flea from. Another saviour was the Quicky Clean which, like the name suggests, is a quick way to give your dog a bath as there’s no lather so also no excessive rinsing. You do need to add in a few products to make it into a paste which is not that “quick” on busy days. 

They also have a chamomile flower pack that you can brew to give a soothing effect on your dogs or even to clean them in between bath times. Oh and also, all their products are so natural, you could use them on yourself, too. You can brew the flowers to make tea for yourself, or use the Scooby Dub Dub as a face mask mixed with rose water! But please, don’t steal from your dog’s skincare cabinet, it might offend them.

Price: Scooby Dub Dub is INR for INR 850, Quickie Clean is priced at INR 550 and Chamomile Flowers are INR 250.

What Could Be Better

If you’re ordering from Mumbai, shipping will take longer and cost a little extra (about INR 200) so keep that in mind when you order.


Their products sell out super duper fast so the best way to ensure you can successfully place an order is on Wednesdays at 10AM which is when they restock (set an alarm!)