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Score 8 Drinks For INR 499 On A Boozy Bar Crawl Through Sector 29 Market

Maanya posted on 11 July

What Is It?

By now, you’re familiar with the concept of pub crawls and, if you’ve attended one, you know how much fun they are. If not, this is your chance! An epic bar crawl is going to take place in Sector 29’s pub-lined market and the bars you could be chugging 2 drinks each at include Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar, The Classroom, Brew Buddy and Warehouse Cafe.

The best bit? Bar crawls are super easy-on-the-pocket and this one is no exception – female stag tickets are for INR 499, male stag tickets are selling for INR 799 and couple passes are for INR 1,099.

Who Is It For?

If you haven’t been back to Sector 29 in a while, this pub crawl is definitely worth signing up for – both Brew Buddy and The Classroom have opened relatively recently. Moreover, you’ll get a sense of everything new in this food-and-drinks focused market.

If you find that your bank balance is already half-empty but you’re still in the mood for drinks, there’s no better way to enjoy 4 rounds of drinks on a budget, than a pub crawl.

Why Should I Go For It?

Well, there’s samplers of most spirits on offer – beer, shots and cocktails – so you’ll be a happy sipper. In addition, a pub crawl is a wonderful way to meet new people who share similar interests {yep, alcohol appreciation is definitely an interest}, so go for the drinks but stay for the company?

Lastly, it’s slated to take place on Jul 13, aka #ThirstyThursday, so you need to honour the tipsiest day of the year, amirite?

Where: Assemble at Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar

When: Jul 13

Timings: 7.15 pm

Price: Starts at INR 499

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