Score Handpicked Collectibles from The House of Things


The House of Things is a curated market-space for home décor items & lifestyle accessories that have been put together by artistic collaborations, or have been personally selected and sourced from travels around the world.

Prized & precious

The House of Things offers a collection of home décor items that are definitely out of the ordinary. If you are partial to collecting items that have some character or come with a backstory, this could be your go-to place.

A treasure trove

You can find furniture, painting, curios, precious jewels, sculptures, antiques, rugs, and accessories here in a range of aesthetics—classic & directional, avant-garde, modern and minimalistic.

Get yourself a vintage Spanish hand-painted vase {featuring horses & humans in battle, reminiscent of Spanish folklore} or a Golden Hedgerow from Artisan House {a set of steel wires emulating a hedge for your well} if you have a taste for slightly vintage pieces. Have more of a modern taste? Take a look at the Agate Coasters by Jewelcraftz and the bowls from Michael Aram.

You can shop online at The House of Things here.

Price: Starting at INR 220 for a notebook and going up to INR 8 lakhs for a hand-engraved vase

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