Donate, Sell, Exchange Or Buy A Book For Just INR 50

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When you have everything from Harry Potter to Archie Comics all under one roof for prices as low as INR 50 {and totally negotiable depending entirely on your bargaining skills), just buy books in bulk. To do that, rush to Anil Book Store right next to PVR Plaza.

What Makes It Awesome

Located right next to the iconic PVR Plaza, this shop is mostly left unseen by people because of how tiny it is. But once you discover it, you’ll know the kind of treasure it is given that it houses books from different languages, various authors and multiple genres. From Hindi’s Prem Chand to English’s J.K. Rowling, you’ll find pre-loved books here for as low as INR 50. They also have second-hand entrance exam preparation books for all those students who are preparing for them. Don’t be shy to take help from the nice man who owns the shop. We have no idea how he keeps tracks of all the books but he always knows which one is kept where. Moreover, he will gladly take donations from you. In fact, he’s always up for exchanging books as well. What’s more? You can also sell books to him!

This tiny shop where you can exchange, donate and sell books is what bibliophiles will call paradise. The prices of pre-loved books start at just INR 50 which means you gotta get yourself at least a couple of them!

What Could Be Better

It's a little tight on space. So, browsing and finding the exact books you want might take some time.