Score Colourful Sets Of Mugs & Quirky Mason Jars At Sarojini Nagar

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We all know Sarojini Nagar is a hub for clothes and accessories at throwaway prices. But, if you head to the back of the market, you’ll realise there are plenty of options for your kitchen too. We recently bargained our way through cups, tea sets, plates and mason jars.

What Makes It Awesome

We stopped at one crockery stall and came across a set of six mugs for as low as INR 150. We loved the  plain white and plain black ones with colorful insides for our everyday cuppa. There was also a textured variety, dual-toned mugs and ceramic kullars for those who want to drink their masala chai tapri style.

We also came across some cute-as-a-button mason jars in vibrant colours and lids for just INR 120 (you can bargain further) which are perfect for iced coffee and fresh juices. There were also some really nice ceramic pots with lids ideal for your sabzee of the day or for home-made curd. And if you’re looking for housewarming gifts, you could go for complete tea sets which come in a variety of colours such as turquoise and rani pink with gold inlay work.

What Could Be Better

Given the nature of the market, there's no guarantee of the quality or the longevity of these products (but we're willing to risk that since everything is SO cheap).

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