Score Some Beautiful Suf Embroidery Masks From This Label!


    Label Vanshika Gupta, a Delhi based start-up designer brand is working to revive the old craft of Kutch called ‘SUF’ and also supporting the craftsman in their livelihood in this period of a pandemic. Since the new normal these days is Mask, so with the help of Kutch craftsmen, she is making stylish embroidery mask with unique designs and colours. The best part is that these masks are sustaining craft. Also during this time of the pandemic, the packaging is playing a crucial role. They undertake a three-step process. First comes disinfectant spray, followed by a thorough rub down with sanitized wipes; finally, the immediate discarding of courier envelopes and cushioning bubble wraps.

    ‘Suf’ embroidery is a form of counted thread embroidery practised nowadays in the Kutch region of Gujarat, western India, and beyond. It is characterized by a type of economy stitch worked from the back. The patterns are generally based on a triangle or ‘suf’, and are geometric, symmetrical and very detailed.

    This suf cotton mask is a 3 ply mask. All in all these masks are adjustable, breathable, reusable, rewash-able. So, peeps, this is the season of protecting own self by wearing a mask , so why not flaunt a beautifully embroidered mask, it’s the new normal.