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Korean, Russian & More: Learn To Write In New Languages With This App

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What Makes It Awesome

Learning to read and write the alphabet in a new language can be very tough. And boring. This is where the Scripts app steps in as a saviour with its short and crisp lessons, making learning fun and effective. How do they do it? Read on.

The app provides five-minute lessons each day in your choice of language and the lessons use a mix of visual, auditory, and memory devices to get you to remember them. The best part is that Scripts tests your memory by letting you finger draw the alphabet on your screen, thus involving muscle-memory as well in your learning process. And everything is ultra-smooth, no lag whatsoever. Right now, you have eight languages (scripts) to choose from - American Sign Language (our favourite), Russian Cyrillic, English, Hindi Devanagari, Japanese Kana, Hebrew, Chinese Hanzi, and Korean Hangul.

There's also a premium version of the app which comes with unlimited practice sessions (the free version has a cap of five minutes per day), zero ads, offline access, and access to the Drops language app as well. The premium version is priced at INR 849 per month or INR 3,349 per year or INR 12,500 with lifetime validity. We would recommend sticking to the free version for a while, unless you have a time based goal in mind.

Scripts is available for download on both iOS and Android.