Tushar posted on 20th October

Visit These 8 New Joints In SDA For Cocktails, Bacon Ice Cream & More

Most of us know SDA as the market where the IITians go to chill when they aren’t hanging with their books. Others may remember it as the place where you were first introduced to the magic of shisha {remember Village Cafe?}.

However, over the years, this market has slowly revamped into one of the most happening spots in the city {see it on a Saturday night to believe it}. Here’s what we found on our last trip.


If you hated balancing equations in school, don’t go here. We’re only kidding. Chemistry offers an amazing variety of lip-smacking food and misty so on pint that they manage to please your eyes and taste buds both. The place is ideal if you want to head-bang to some bass filled music and dance the night away on gorgeous drinks.



#nofilter is snack heaven.  Try their fried chicken and bacon fingers followed by the fried Snickers and Mars bars and you can count on going home with a happy tummy. You can hit this place in the mornings for some fresh Arabica coffee and at night for a killer beer cocktail {yes, it’s a thing}. Bookmark this for a fun night full of tasty snacks and innovative drinks. They also host karaoke nights, ladies nights, live hip-hop and rap nights, and stand up gigs.

Cafes & Coffee Shops


Hyperlocal is the new kid on the SDA block. They have cheap alcohol options, comfy home-like indoor seating, and a huge truck-slash-bar on the terrace with vibrant blues and greens to make you feel all jumpy inside. Their Eggs Kejriwal are a huge hit and you can expect the super bass-y music to knock your socks off. Party mode is a given once you walk into this place. Go nuts!


Between Buns

One of the only sit down and gorge kinda places in SDA, Between Buns is all about burgers and sandwiches. Their red buns are making a lot of noise around town. We recommend the Tenderloin and Jalapeño burger to start with. As it says on their walls, they bake their own bread on the daily and the freshness is something we can collectively appreciate. They also have a selection of mouth-watering desserts like Bacon Ice Cream and Banoffee Pie.



Typsy Crow

You can head over to Typsy Crow for some live music gigs and a plethora of shakes and smoothies to get a sugary hit. Their menu showcases a selection of North Indian delicacies for the most part, which won’t go too heavy on your wallet either. Head over here for a sing along time with your buddies to cure that soul-crushing hangover.


The Brew Room

This cafe is so pretty you’ll want to Instagram everything. They’re creating waves with their specialty coffees and they can make you a cuppa in eight different ways such as Aeropress coffee, Turkish coffee and cold drip – our favourite. Not much of a coffee person? Try their Chilli Chai black tea, Vanilla black tea or Marigold. And don’t forget to try their roast chicken pizza. Yum!

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Honey & Dough

This little bakery recently opened in Defence Colony and seems to be on a mission to take over the city. We love their Coca Cola macarons, salted caramel chocolate tarts, chocolate-mousse filled eclairs and tangy lemon tart.

Sugar & Spice

You’re used the small Sugar & Spice outlets scattered across the city but this one’s massive – two floors and a small outdoor area too. We wouldn’t rave about their confectionery but a hot cuppa coffee and some carbs sure feel good after a drinking sesh.


Theobroma has also recently graced SDA Market with its presence. You might want to stop by for a quick brownie or a cookie.