Eat Like A Local At These Seafood Restaurants In Mangalore

    A holiday in Mangalore is incomplete without an exploration of the seaside city’s fabulous restaurants. Whether you’re heading to some of the virgin beaches for an extended vacay or dropping anchor in Mangalore itself, you mustn’t cross the city limits without trying out some of the famous seafood served up here {and don’t worry, we’ve thought of a dessert too}.


    Once you manage to find a seat at this crowded restaurant, we recommend that you focus your energies on all things fishy. Their fish thalis are a good place to start.

    A plate comes with a mound of rice and can be paired with a fish curry {usually made from sardines} that’s infused with coconut milk. You’ll also get a vegetable, sandige {fritters}, and a tiny helping of pickle. To this, you can add Anjal Fry {a sizeable slice of seer fish that’s slathered on with a fiery masala} or the must-try Prawns Ghee Roast.


    The menu here includes a smattering of Chinese and north Indian that is done competently. But it’s the Mangalore-style food that deserves your undivided attention.

    The Chicken Ghee Roast here is nothing short of stellar, and is a favourite with patrons. The Crab Ghee Roast won’t disappoint either. Pair this with a plate of NeerDosa {thin, rice pancakes} and you have a winning meal.

    Giri Manja’s

    After a trip here, chances are that you will be raving about your meal for a long time to come. There is little on this tiny establishment’s menu that won’t please you. But their long line-up of bestsellers includes the Anjal Fry coated with a thick layer of spicy masala, the Ghee Roasts {prawn and squid} and the prawn curry.

    Plus, it’s easy on your pocket {their basic fish thalis come at less than INR 50}. Expect to wait for a table though.


    Over the years, this hilltop restaurant’s fame has spread far and wide, making its mark in Mumbai and Singapore, but the original one in Mangalore still remains a favourite. Here the environs are spiffier and the prices on the higher end but it is still completely paisa vasool.

    Their crispy, batter-fried Bombay Duck, Tawa Fried Fish {seer or pomfret}, and almost all of their prawn offerings are crowd favourites.

    Hotel Narayana

    Housed in a traditional, two-storey building, Hotel Narayana is popular with travellers across the board. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of Mangalore when you get here. Their fish thalis are a must have and you’ll get rice, fish curry, and a piece of fried fish as part of it.

    While you’re busy wolfing this down, a waiter struts around with a large tray filled with the catch of the day. Choose your fish and they’ll fry it up for you in a jiffy.

    Bonus Addition: Ideal Ice Cream Parlour

    Yes, we know that Ideal is not a seafood restaurant. But once you’ve chomped on all the seafood you can, Ideal is the best place to grab dessert. In fact, it’s ideal! Ha!

    The ice cream parlour {where lines never end} has always been known for its signature Gadbad which is a layered dessert that includes fresh fruit, dry fruit, jelly, rose syrup and plenty of ice cream.

    But the Chocolate Dad {no daddy issues whatsoever}, has always had the heart of chocolate lovers. Your glass will come stuffed with chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with biscuit crumble. It is then topped with a generous helping of vanilla ice cream that’s drizzled with chocolate sauce.