Broke Readers, Buy Second-Hand Books For As Low As INR 20 Here


    Great For


    Dan Brown’s books for INR 50 or Mac Flecknoe for the low, low price of INR 60 – buy has used copies that will inspire a major throwback without making a dent in your wallet.

    What Makes It Awesome

    The works of Enid Blyton, Harry Potter and Sidney Sheldon have been major landmarks on every reader’s journey and they’re all available on at prices that are a complete steal. So, whether you used to borrow these from your neighbourhood library and had to return them way too soon or you’ve lost your copies of these titles, you can line your bookshelves with nostalgia.

    The selection on this website is eclectic – they’ve got joke books, books that offer a crash course on the basics of photography, Champak comics, a Ukrainian folk tales and biographies.

    What Could Be Better

    They have both fiction and non-fiction books, but don’t expect any newer releases or the work of contemporary authors – suffice to say that 90’s kids won’t be disappointed by their collection.