If you’ve lived your college years in Delhi chances are, regardless of gender, you’ve been to your share of Ladies’ Nights. We’ve all put up with those sad excuses for cocktails just because we don’t need {or rather, have} dollah bills to have fun tonight.

Diluted sangrias, bad crowds and usually no food to speak of except maybe the odd masala peanut here and there. Needless to say, the minute we managed to acquire some semblance of a bank balance, we bid adieu to these nights {well, most of us}. However, a recent visit to The Wine Company mildly restored our belief in the concept. Mildly.

Why, you ask?

You don’t have to stand at the bar and beg for your complimentary drink. Most of the time, you get a table and your complimentary drink {choose from a sangria or a IMFL cocktail} is served to you, in a beautiful goblet, just like any other normal night at the bar! On the downside, you’re only entitled to two of these through the night.

The sangria is not crap. They use decent wine {Sula, we think} and it has a very generous amount of diced apples.

The music is not crap. It isn’t the best, but we can make do with the likes of Calvin Harris and DJ Snake in FF mode and in slow-mo.

The DJ looks like a viking. We’re not kidding. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t dance. He just sort of stands there, spinning his tunes, all the while gazing into an abyss. We’re convinced he’s an undercover agent. IMG_20160822_222002307

When you drop red red wine on your favourite white shirt, the staff actually comes with a chunk of lemon and helps you clean up. Sweetest gesture ever?

There are no creepy boys. Okay, we’re not guaranteeing this— it’s completely possible that we lucked out but we didn’t at any point feel the need to slap someone across the face and that’s something.

It’s on Mondays!

So, see you there?

Featured photo courtesy: Bastien Deceuninck via Flickr [CC BY 2.0]