Drop By This Bakery For Their Incredible Donuts & Delicious Quick Bites


    What Makes It Awesome?

    This place is cosy with beautiful decor and they offer delicious doughnuts, waffles, burger, pasta and drinks.

    I recommend you to try out these:

    In Quick Bites:

    • Spicy Chilli Herb
    • Shaivin's Pizza
    • Tangy Tripple Cheese
    • Mac n Cheese Pasta
    • Cheese Corn Nuggets

    In Waffles :

    • Chocolate drive
    • Banana Honey

    In Donuts

    • Double Chocolate Eclair
    • Choco Nuttela Blast
    • Creamy Blueberry
    • Rainy Rainy Rainbow

    In Drinks

    • Hot Chocolate
    • Oreo Frappe
    • Black Currant Soda
    • Vanilla Frappe

    If you too love desserts then head to this place and enjoy meals with your friends.