Like Alcohol Everything? You Have To Try This Sharabi Paratha

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Now your favorite parantha destination Not Just Paranthas is plating out alcohol-soaked parathas!

Eat Your Alcohol

While adding alcohol to food is not really a new concept {case in point would be the all time favourite beer battered fish and chips}, mixing sharaab into parathas is something that comes across as a very fresh concept. If you’re excited to give this alternative consumption of alcohol a chance, then head over to Not Just Paranthas for their Sharabi Parantha that comes for just INR 265. For stuffing, dry fruits are soaked overnight in alcohol so that the taste of the paratha is rich. Moreover, it is almost like a sizzler because it is served on flames. Hence, from the rich, nutty taste to the presentation, everything about sharaabi paratha is perf!

For all those who have grown up on a steady diet of the Old-Delhi style parathas, this place is just the right eatery to step in, especially because it gives parathas a modern twist.

So, We're Saying...

If butter-soaked parathas happen to be your favourite thing in the world, you’ve gotta give Sharabi Parantha at Not Just Paranthas a try right away!