Share Food With Strangers & Split The Bill: India’s First Community Cafe Opens In Delhi!

Rene posted on 05 July


The South Delhi Kitchen in Shahpur Jat is doing something no one in the country is. It lets you share the table with strangers and even split the dishes and bill amount with them. Another novel aspect: It allows you to plonk ourselves on a bed and eat brekkie in your PJs {with bae too}. This epic no-rules-apply cafe opens its door on Saturday. So consider the date booked?

What's The Deal Here?

The idea was born because the founders {three sweet-natured friends} realised how every Delhi person is full of cynicism. “We’re just not meeting and interacting with people the way they were meant to,” says Roma, one of the cafe founders.

So, to get the Dilliwaalahs to commit to something bigger than road rage, they came up with the idea of community eating because what better way to get everyone to break the wall with strangers than by letting them eat on the same table and part ways after having split the bill? Such a simple, sweet idea. Don’t you agree?

In keeping with the idea of “sharing”, we’re told that the dining tables in the cafe have been donated by people who had no use for them. If you aren’t sold on the goodness already, allow us to stay on the bright sides for a bit longer. First, you make real conversations with real people. Second, you get to sample more dishes and then, you reduce food wastage because you’d probably have broken enough ice with the sweet

What Else Goes On Here?

They’ve got a bed with beautiful translucent curtains that lets you have your meals in bed {close to the tables are two beds bedecked with fairy lights}.To complete this lazy lunch picture, they also have a library that you’re free to attack. And, if your idea of a breakfast-in-bed date dies because you can’t be bothered slaving over bacon at 7am, just give the good folks at the cafe a call and they’ll even be ready to open their doors an hour early – you two can have a chill time before the rest of the unknown foodies drop in. So damn wonderful!

We could harp on it for a long time but we’ll part with this last piece of good news. There’s a pin board that’s got two categories “looking for” and “available for”. We’re told that the requests on the looking for board can be as bizarre as “looking for a girlfriend” or a gym buddy or a fellow ice cream fanatic and the available board is reserved for can be people who have something they want to offer for instance “available to take your doggo out for a walk”. Cute networking idea, ahoy!

So, We're Saying...

Drop that judgement and share a meal with a new person. The menu’s got Maggi, muffins, sandwiches, biryani, kebabs, pasta, salads, coffee and even momo and everything is super affordable {if you share, it’d be peanuts anyway}.