Get Stunning Barware, Jewellery & More At This High-End Lifestyle Store

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Shazé is a premium lifestyle brand that is quickly becoming our go-to place for exquisite men's and women's accessories, dainty decor pieces, and remarkable barware.

    The Shazé stores are beautifully laid out and they scream luxury as you step in. We were instantly drawn to their latest barware, coffee-ware, and tea-ware collection that features cage decanters, turntable shot trays, coffee cups, and brewing pots in shining steel and glass cuts. The steamcatcher was our personal favourite. Prices for the hosting collection starts at INR 700.

    We never knew we needed a designer shoehorn until we saw one at Shazé. They come in a sleek silver finish with an animal or skull head to prevent damage to your shoes. Men should also check out the cufflinks and walking sticks at the store. The skater cufflink had us sliding towards the billing counter. Prices for men's accessories at Shazé start at INR 1,990.

    Women, you can look forward to getting unique earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets here. The pieces are extremely well-detailed, shiny, and will add that dressy factor to any outfit without burning a hole in your pocket (Okay, maybe a little hole but it's worth it). The infinity earrings and the double-barrel ring was our pick out of the lot. Prices for the women's accessories at Shazé start at INR 2,390.

    What Could Be Better

    While we absolutely love their collection, we feel Shazé's website could do with better navigation for a smoother shopping experience.


    Shazé offers a try and buy service through its website. You can choose to get five products delivered to your doorstep, choose the ones you like, and send the rest back. The best part? It’s completely free.

      Available Online