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    Short On Space Or Money? Sheek Designs Specialises In Recycling & Thrifty Hacks

    Rene posted on 01 August


    1bhk pads deserve to look good and so what if you don’t have the time or money to make it happen? We’ve found Sheek Designs, a home styling company that’s got but one person, Sheeki, who’s happy to work with tiny spaces and her consultation drawing starts at INR 2,000. Her mantra: Upcycle, restore and go hands-on DIY.

    Sheek And Ye Shall Find

    Nothing beats ventures that are born out of sheer passion and this is one of those. Sheeki loves what she does so much that she takes to painting the walls and artwork herself. At other times, you might see her restoring an old, forgotten table that house owners have declared dead to them. Or, she might just be sourcing cool furniture from secondhand markets and thrift stores. All so that she’s judicious with every penny she spends.

    Don’t you just love that? Someone who’ll not take your budget lightly or ridicule the size of your newly-rented apartment? Watch this video of what she’s done for a college goer’s cubbyhole and you’ll know what kind of makeovers she does – cosy, colourful and casual. The way she uses bright colours or fairy lights or those spunky curtains is proof that she loves drama as well.

    If you don’t like so much of peppy, she’s ready to work with that brief too. She just needs to know what you’re like as a person and she’ll get down to styling your space in a way that it becomes a reflection of your personality.

    Give Her A Shout

    Even though she stays in South Delhi and projects close to her home are her comfort zone, she’s quick to tell us that she won’t mind travelling to Noida or Gurgaon if work beckons. She’s working on her website in the background and is meanwhile available to make mood boards for anyone looking for a budget home makeover.

    Want her to make your no-nothing balcony into a thing of beauty? Just INR 1,000 will get you a very descriptive mood board.

    So, We're Saying...

    No budget or home is too small for Sheeki’s creativity and you might be staying in the apartment only for a year or two but wouldn’t you rather come home to something that looks good? Especially if it won’t cost a bomb? Well, we’d make this small investment in an instant. Seriously.

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