Every Delhi Boy Owns These 5 Types Of Shoes… Do You?


    Boys, before you go shoe shopping the next time, tally your collection with this list—you might be missing some essentials. Here’s a list of best shoes for men that every guy needs to have in their collection…


    Cleaning them might prove to be a task every time, but a pair of sneakers—usually the classic white—go with almost everything. Be it the beach shirt and shorts combo or the casual shirt and denim jeans pairing, the classic pair of white sneakers fits the look like a charm. You also get to shoot an I’m-going-to-kill-you look to anyone who steps on them. 


    Your three-piece suit needs company, boys. Make sure your shoe rack boasts of the classic black or brown brogues and oxfords. Be it a distant cousin’s (who you probably haven’t seen in the past 14 years) wedding you’re going to only for the food or a nightclub that doesn’t let people in unless they’re looking exactly like an Insta model, these formal puppies are going to tie your whole look together. The formals are definitely the best shoes for men for that clean look.


    Yes, you’ll have to buy eight pairs of no-show socks, but the loafers are worth it. No laces to cause any hassles and the liberty to take off your shoes with one swift ankle lift as soon as you see your bed? Hell, yeah, they’re worth it. Add to that the sea of colour options and you’re golden (or brown or blue or rainbow… we could go on).

    Sports Shoes

    Since you can’t exactly go for a run in your loafers or score a goal with shiny Oxfords, a pair sports shoes goes right under the essentials tab. And even if you’re not big on running long distances or showing it off on the field, you can pair your sports shoes with the right, athleisure look.

    Hiking Boots

    If your shoe collection is looking a little bland, try adding a pair or two of hiking shoes. They’re sturdy to the point where you can wear them for years and fail to find a scratch on it. They’re also great for every kind of terrain – doesn’t matter if you’re going for a trek in the hills or a walk around the block, they stay as comfortable as ever.