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Music, Mountains Or Minions: Call Shoes Your Daddy For Hand-Painted Sneakers

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What Makes It Awesome

At one of The Lil Fleas in Delhi, the brand Shoes Your Daddy called out to us. We went for the name and stayed on because so many of their hand-painted designs felt like they were made for our personality type. Sugandha, the founder, makes sure she has a pair for everyone between a feminist and a Bollywood buff. Also, they’re all priced starting at INR 1,300.

Some years ago when Sugandha was working as a client servicing person at Ogilvy, she mentioned about her love for painting shoes during a casual conversation with her copywriter friend. After some intense brainstorming, a lot of names came up and they decided to go with the most fun suggestion – Shoes Your Daddy – a pun on Who’s Your Daddy.

When she started, about two years ago, she had a tiny corner in her Rohini apartment to get the work done. After all this time selling colourful gypsy shoes with coins and the popular Feminist AF pairs flying off the racks, she still works out of there but with 3-4 other painters to help out and the corner becoming bigger, of course.

While there are tons of takers for these funky Crime Master Gogo shoes, we’re happy to see unconventional themes like pahaad hi pyaar and retro rangeen that we haven’t seen a lot of other brands dabble with… We all know that friend who’s a real mountain goat at heart or a family member whose stories of colour TV are the best.

We also dig the Madhubani designs and the truck slogans that are everything desi and everything kitschy. If these are too funky for you, they do Aztec prints, stripes ad a myriad other cool patterns to pick from as well. Know what this means? Everyone from the superhero-obsessed roommate to the artsy, Habitat regular have a pair dedicated to them. Also, for those who fear too much drama, there are the likes of these. 


People have sent Sugandha customisation requests every now and then and she’s created everything right from Nucleya’s music inspired pairs to even Baseball motifs (oh, and these ones celebrating our love for Rock).

So, you can hit her up with whatever bizarre and fun ideas you might have and she’ll put your imagination on your feet. In fact, if you ask her, she thrives on made-to-order stuff and makes sure it reaches you in about a week. You can check out all her work on Facebook or Instagram and place your orders there. 

P.S. We’re so getting ourselves a pair with bling and pompoms, a certain something we can wear with saris without looking like a clown. BRB, going to put some serious thought into festive sneakers.