Wine Racks, Contemporary Vases And All Things Loha & Beautiful At The Lohasmith

What Makes It Awesome

I had heard about The Lohasmith via LBB a while ago, but it took a trip to an exhibit in town for me to finally shop from this metal-breaking-and-making gem. You don't really realise how exquisite their products are by just browsing through their website! I picked up this really cool rose gold-ish "vase" from them {pictured}. It's super light, with a really interesting design; those test tubes may look small, but they packed up three bunches of flowers. After seeing their products offline, I went through their website and recently ordered a mirror and side tables {also pictured}. What I love about them is how clean their designs are. The finish is great, and the colours of the metals they use {hues of copper and greys and golds} are stunning. Also, if my Secret Santa is reading this, can you gift me their table Wine Rack in antique brass, please? K, thanks.

What's My Pro Tip?

They also do customized items and shelving. I saw a shelf they'd made at the exhibit I was referring to - very nicely done.

Anything Else?

They also have this amazing pomegranate soy wax candle that comes in a metal jar - check that out too!