Here Are The Best Cookies And Biscuits For Your Next Tea Party

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Everyone loves having a tea party - spilling tea (aka gossip), the music, dressing up, the appetisers. This fun little catching up is a great time to unwind with your close friends and just get recharged. We at LBB totally love going all out with the best nibbles and snacks for an occasion like this (regular biscuits just don't cut it). This is why we’ve made a list of the best cookies and biscuits that are chewy and packed with goodness to go with your tea. Check them online on LBB now! 

Vegan Chocolate Chip Jaggery Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Jaggery Cookies, (Box of 10)


Chocolate chip and vegan. Need we say more? This box of 10 Jus'Turfs is best served with hot tea and cold coffee too. We prefer the richness of jaggery over sugar any day and if you and your friends are like us, you don't want to miss out on this box of cookies for your next tea party. 

Extraordinary Elaichi Nankhatai

Extraordinary Elaichi Nankhatai -16 Pcs - 250 gm


If you and your friends love Indian flavours, then these nankhatai (shortbread biscuits) are what you should indulge in. Get this box of 16 pleasant and not so unusual flavoured biscuits with your tea or coffee (these biscuits even have desi ghee), so you can continue chatting and munching for a few good hours (unless you or your friends decide to devour these delightful treats in one go). 

Cranberry & Oatmeal Cookies

Cranberry & Oatmeal Cookies (320g)


We absolutely love this combination of flavours. These buttery oatmeal cookies are a great choice especially for all your friends who prefer healthy options. Although Brownsalt Bakery has a lot of different flavours to choose from, I found these to be the right fit for a tea party. 

Raspberry Jam Cookies

Raspberry Jam Cookies - 400g


Remember those yummy jim jam biscuits that were an all-time hit during snack time? These cookies by Mo's Bakery are mini versions of those delicious biscuits. You and your friends can feel a little nostalgic not just with the stories but with these raspberry jam cookies on the side. Be careful, you might just want to finish this entire jar. 

Buttermilk & Millet Crackers: Cracked Black Pepper

Buttermilk & Millet Crackers: Cracked Black Pepper (100g)


Monsoon Harvest is an online brand that makes some of the most interesting crackers using eco-friendly ingredients. You can get super creative with these crackers since they're light and you can add different toppings and spreads. Don't doubt it; these will go perfectly well with your cuppa. 

French Butter Vanilla Cookies

French Butter Vanilla Cookies - Batch of 6


Aren't you already salivating? If you're looking for some rich in flavour cookies for your tea party with your friends, these butter vanilla cookies by Baked With Love By Sristi can be your go-to. These cookies are delicious and comforting and sure to transport you to a French cafe while you're in your backyard sipping on tea with your friends. 

Chicken Biscuits(Dog Food)

Chicken Biscuits(Dog Food)


Well, did you really think we were going to leave your fur friends out of this tea party? Never! These chicken dog biscuits are the perfect treats for your fur friends while you and your gang are sipping on tea and munching on your cookies. These dog biscuits by Pet Petisserie come in three different flavours. Order these for your pets and don't let them miss out on your tea party.