10 Must-Get Additions To Dress Up Your Dining Table With


    Dining tables are designed for what's truly important in life --- fun and food! And with the days getting warmer, we are also thinking how awesome would it be to style up those fun cocktail parties and dinner-ins with fam and friends with some good tipple, fabulous food, pretty laid tables and of course, our favourite people. So if you're looking to spruce up your dining table, all you need is a few accessories such as table cloth, mats, placemats and runners in bright and muted hues, bold and fun patterns, and you're sure to love the results. Check out this list and Shop On LBB!

    Glass Beaded Floral Jute Placement Mat From Amoliconcepts

    Glass Beaded Floral Jute Placement Mat

    Glass Beaded Floral Jute Placement Mat


    Made of jute, with glass beads embellished on top and an overall floral shape, what's not to love about this whimsical pink beauty?! From Amoliconcepts, this one is perfect if your abode has a boho chic or an eclectic vibe. It also comes in colour variants of yellow and teal, and all three of these hues have a happy and summer-y vibe to it. After all, we could all do with some colour popping in our dining space peeps.

    Price: INR 800

    Song Birds Table Runner (6 Seater) From Halfway Home

    Song Birds Table Runner ( V Ends) - 6 Seater

    Song Birds Table Runner ( V Ends) - 6 Seater


    Imagine yourself on a lazy weekend afternoon, with a lovely meal spread across the dining table on top of this gorgeous handcrafted table runner that is simple yet so elegant, with little birdies and florals all around. Halfway Home is a homegrown label that makes sustainable and handcrafted home decor products. This one has V-ends on the edges but if you like rectangular ends, they have that too. They also have Marigold Spring Placemats and Bouganvillea Sunshine Round Placemats, so vibrant and pretty!

    Price: INR 930

    As Blue As The Sea Sabai Placemat From AllThatGrass

    As Blue as the Sea Sabai Placemat - Set of 2

    As Blue as the Sea Sabai Placemat - Set of 2


    As blue as the sea and as gorgeous as it gets. We just have an ongoing crush on this sabai style placemat. It looks so rustic yet so modern. It has blues, but of the right kind. This handcrafted number from AllThatGrass can also be used to deck up a shelf with flowers, candles or other home decor things atop. They come in eye-catching colour options of Cherry Berry, Choco Lava, Henna and Haldi too. And in case you have taken a liking for Sabai, they have totes and baskets that you'll love.

    Price: INR 750 (on discount) for a set of two

    Samarkand Swan Table Runner From Ode & Cleo

    Samarkand Swan Table Runner- Large

    Samarkand Swan Table Runner- Large


    This playful table runner from Ode & Cleo will be your table's new best friend. Made of 100 percent cotton and with beaded embellishments designed in the shape of swans, this will not only make the table look like a treat to your eyes but they are also stylish alternatives to protect your dining furniture from heat or stains. You can alternatively also use it as a bed runner to add some texture to your bed setting. They also have these printed Denmark Table Mats that we heart. Prints are always in!

    Price: INR 2000

    Knits and Knots Macramé Placemat From Sajke

    Knits and Knots Macramé Placemat (Set of 2)

    Knits and Knots Macramé Placemat (Set of 2)


    Macrame and handcrafted, this set of placemats is for people who love aesthetics, quality and clean materials. We love such decor pieces that are not just beautiful but also versatile, so we can use it again and again, in multiple different ways. Use this Macrame number to accessorize your dining tables, couches, coffee table, and whatever else catches your fancy.

    Price: INR 1699 for a set of two

    Mughal Boota Floral Table Cover From Design Station

    Mughal Boota Floral Table Cover

    Mughal Boota Floral Table Cover


    Colorful, joyful, wonderful... this table cover is emblazoned with a menagerie of flowers and leaves. With a light base colour that will easily blend with your interiors, create ambience on your dining table in a second. And whenever it is the season of festivities, add beautiful real floral arrangement in calming tones and the sight will be heartwarming. For those who don't want to burn a hole in the pocket but are a sucker for indie prints, Design Studio also has Kamal Boota Mats and Pushkar Table Runner that are pocket-friendly. 

    Price: INR 2500

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    Night Sky Table Runner From Amaara Living

    Night Sky Table Runner 6 Seater

    Night Sky Table Runner 6 Seater


    No more date nights at fancy restaurants and expensive bills. Transform your blah looking table into a tablescape with this starry shiny runner from Amaara Living. With some flowers, wine and good food (and chocolates), this one works like a charm. Who needs a restaurant when dinner at home can be as glamorous as one would want it to be?! Also, while you're at it, how about jumping on the tie and dye bandwagon, with this Multi Colored Tie And Dye Table Runner

    Price: INR 1526

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    Basic Cane Circular Pattern Placemat -The Green Collective

    Basic Cane Circular Pattern Placemat

    Basic Cane Circular Pattern Placemat


    We all want something pretty and useful and this cane placement by the Green Collective is already in our cart waiting to be bought. The placemat is woven by artisans using traditional techniques from Assam and Uttarakhand. This round placemat has some great detailing on the side, which makes it great for being a dining table, coffee table, or side table accessory. Of course you can always pick up more than one and use it for various sized plates too. 

    Price INR 680

    Ethnic Motif Printed Top Table Cover From Ambiya

    Ethnic Motif Printed Top Table Cover

    Ethnic Motif Printed Top Table Cover


    Clean and classic floral runner with ethnic motifs and in a warm nude-ish shade, always a winner for minimalistic modern homes. If you have a neutral dining space, additions like these from Ambiya will bring more coziness to the area. Also, is it just me or does this table cover remind you of autumn? Well, it's time to make cups of tea and talk with the beauty spread below your arms.

    Price: INR 1600

    Handmade Crochet Table Mats From Happy Threads

    4 Piece Handmade Crochet Table Mats

    4 Piece Handmade Crochet Table Mats


    With the crochet rage all around, how could we leave this one out. While there are plenty of colour options for table mats at Happy Threads such as red, black, blue, golden, grey and more, we are sold on the brown one because it looks just the right kind of earthy and bright for the dining space. We also feel crochet mats are a great way to add pattern to the otherwise plain table. This one's sure to uplift your table setting!

    Price: INR 1000 for four pieces


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