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Dilli Haat


Shop For Clothes, Fabrics & Decor At Dastkari Haat Crafts Fair In Dilli Haat

Sundeep posted on 09 January

What Is It?

It is impossible to bring all varieties of Indian textiles and crafts under a single roof. But, after our round, we felt Dastkari has done a good job in capturing many types of craft products. We found all sorts of clothes – sarees, scarfs and dresses for women; kurtas, jackets, and shawls for men; kidswear; winter wear; fabrics for clothes and upholstery; traditional artifacts made from a host of mostly natural material; light furniture; household stuff like laundry baskets, traditional lamps - table as well as stand lamps; packaged food – the list is endless.  Plus, the crafts festival started on January 1 and will run until January 15. We wish it could be at least a month long though!

Why Should I Go?

Don't miss out on the cultural performances at the amphitheatre and crafts workshops.

Who Is It For?

For anyone interested in crafts.

Anything Else?

Also, the front side of Dilli Haat is messy because of the ongoing metro construction. Make sure to park your vehicles at the back gate.

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Dilli Haat

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Sri Aurobindo Marg, INA, New Delhi