Monkeying Around: Here Are A Few Cool Products To Shop From Chimp Wear


    Have you found the monkey (rather chimpanzee) in you, yet? If not, here’s a great way to humour yourself and take life a little less seriousl. Since jumping from tree to tree would be quite ideal, yet undoable, here are some totally workable options.

    Adventure Bag Natural

    Bags by Chimp Wear

    Show people you mean business (monkey business) with this adorable sling bag, made with 100 per cent organic cotton featuring the Chimp.

    Price: INR 1,200

    Cosmos Eye Mask

    Eye Masks by Chimp Wear

    Insomnia? Try this eye mask, soft as a pillow, to block out the light, and hopefully you’re gonna have some sweet dreams.

    Price: INR 399

    Watermelon Apron

    Watermelon Apron by Chimp Wear

    If cooking isn’t your thing, on those rare occasions you need to whip out your spatula and create some magic {God knows how} in the kitchen, this apron is where you can wipe your dirty hands— and send the right message across to people asking you to hurry up!

    Price: INR 799

    The Writer Notebook

    The Writer Notebook by Chimp Wear

    If you're a writer, then this notebook is definitely for you. Pen down all your thoughts and stories here. You can also personalise the first page of these A5 size notebooks.

    Price: INR 350

    Mojo Pants And Joggers

    Bottomwear by Chimp Wear

    Chimp Wear boasts of a nice range of bottomwear. Shop for Mojo Pants, Eric Joggers, shorts, lino pants in different designs and colours and stand out in the crowd.

    Night Flight Scarf

    Scarves For Women by Chimp Wear

    One look at this scarf took us straight to Coldplay’s Life In Technicolor. If you haven’t watched the video, do it now. Takes you to a place where you’d wanna be, just like this scarf does.

    Price: INR 899