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Obsessed with all things fashion and shopping? Always wanted to run your own fashion store? Well, we’re bringing you one step closer- start your pop-up on LBB, today!   

Yepp, you heard that right. On the LBB app, you can curate your own shop by selecting your favourite looks from over 12,000 styles! Share it with your friends and network, and get AWESOME cash vouchers and rewards for every purchase made from your shop.

All it takes is 4 simple steps > Check Out the Photo Gallery above to get a visual demo: 

Step 1: Download the LBB App > Hit "Download" on the top right corner! 

Step 2: Choose any products you like from LBB shop and add them directly to your pop-up > As shown in the demo above, tap the "Pop-Up" icon right next to Whatsapp. 

Step 3: Share your Pop-Up link with your friends and family > View your Pop-Up > Hit "Share Your Pop-Up" and start adding the link to your Instagram bio, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. 

Step 4: Get people to order products from your pop-up & on every purchase, you unlock AWESOME vouchers! 

- On the first order, you win vouchers worth INR 300

- Vouchers worth INR 100 for every order thereafter

- On hitting 10 orders you stand a chance to be featured on our social media with over 1 Million followers > You also get free LBB Swag and merchandise.

- On reaching 30 orders you get a free video shoot and a photoshoot and get invites to exclusive events. 

More sharing = More Orders= More Visibility = More rewards 

Join the LBB Pop-Up Club today!   

Share your FAVOURITES and get a chance to win free products and become an LBB  influencer NOW!