Shukla Odeon Paan Palace Satiates All Your Paan Cravings



    Located just next to Odeon cinema in CP, this little paan shop is famous for very different and eclectic variety of paans. It’s a basic paan shop, manned by about two-three people.

    Who Is It For?

    Everybody who loves to stuff themselves with paan after a hearty meal.

    What’s On The Menu?

    You will find a lot of different varieties of paan here. You may want to try the Banarasi Joda, and Ghoondi Paan {a mini version of meetha paan without any supari, which is stored in a freezer and served very cold}.

    How Was Your Experience?

    This paan shop has been serving a variety of paan to its patrons for the last few decades. With a regular clientele across Delhi, it has reached a sort of an iconic status and cult following. I generally go for the Saada Paan and it hits the right spot every time.

    You’d be surprised by the sheer variety of paan they have on offer; from Ghoondi Paan and Chuski Paan to chocolate paan and flaming paan {where a paan, literally on fire, is expertly deposited into your mouth by Shuklaji’s support staff}.

    It’s a spectacle for sure, and one has to see it to believe it! Service with a smile is the cornerstone for Shuklaji and his sons who man a couple of other outlets in Delhi.


    Parking can be a bit of a hassle like most of the areas in CP, so plan accordingly.