Flavours of Sichuan at The China Kitchen

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The succulent flavours of Sichuan cuisine have come to The China Kitchen at Hyatt Regency Delhi with their newly launched menu curated by MasterChef Zhang. Drawing inspiration from the Sichuan region and its distinctive flavours the cuisine lies in the different combinations of flavours, some of which are robustly spicy while others are delicate and savoury.

Wok tossed chicken with fresh Sichuan pepper, Sichuan seafood, wok tossed Sichuan Tianfu lamb, amongst others, all characterised by their bold yet distinct flavours. The Sichuan pepper laden Chengdu mao cai is a delicious vegetable stew, traditional beans salad, Seaweed salad with sesame and a zing of chilli and spring onion, Vegetable puff stuffed with mushroom and chestnut, Shrimp open crystal dumplings are perfect, Chicken pancakes come with a unique soy-ginger-chilli sauce, Wok tossed Chengdu pickle cabbage longli fish and the Hand pulled shaved is just perfect to each palate. Standing out in the menu is Fried hives vegetable dumplings which happens to be  Chef Zhang clever take on the sweet dumpling.

The dessert plate also sees new additions like new additions like signature chocolate cigar along with delicacies such as the toffee crème brûlée and banana chocolate marquise.