Simple And Delicious Biryanis At Pocket-Friendly Rates


    What Makes It Awesome?


    There are some biryani in the world which after having once you can't forget them🤩😍😁✌️

    So when I had this biryani I was so overwhelmed by its amazing texture, taste, quality and almost everything that I fell in love with this biryani!😊😊😊😊

    The rice in it had a flavour of its own and that too without gravy! 🤩Even the chicken is not covered entirely with masala and cause of this when eating this biryani you don't feel spicy at all! All u need next is some more scoop of rice🤩🤩

    Overall a perfect biryani which I have had till now♥️

    P.s🔀 order for a normal plain biryani instead of masala one, plain one is superb👌🤩

    Price➡️INR 220/-

    Would highly recommend people to check out Delhi biryani hut right away!

    What Could Be Better?

    Home delivery option sometimes Is a problem

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under ₹500

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids, Pets