Sita Ram Diwan Chand's Chhole Bhature Is Still Going Strong


    From the very start of my visit at Sita Ram Diwan Chand, I was comparing them with my local favourite in Amar Colony. The chhole are definitely better and the mint sauce layer gives them the extra touch. They have the right spices and their flavour is true to the street food taste of Delhi.

    Must Eat

    Chhole Bhature

    Must Drink


    What We Loved

    The hospitality and the cheerful attitude of the staff is quite unlike what I have experienced elsewhere. Generally, such street food places lack the warm welcoming environment.

    Their delivery method too, is commendable. At a fixed charge, they deliver anywhere in Delhi. If you are next to a metro station, the better, else they will get an autowallah to deliver these to you. The delivery does not stop just at Delhi, these guys even export their chhole bhature!

    What Didn’t Impress Us

    The only turn off for me is the fact that they reheat their bhature. The lack of fresh preparation and the crispiness kills the taste.

    What Is The Best Time To Visit?

    Early morning; the place opens at 8am and is buzzing with people.


    A few metres away from Sita Ram Diwan Chand is a shop called Avon Juice Corner. It is quite old and fairly known in this area. Must try their watermelon juice, which is loaded with diced chunks of watermelon, which initially may get mistaken for ice cubes. The owner will recommend the Mango juice {yes, not shake}, just go with his recommendation. It is in all likeliness, something you would have never had before.