Six Driving Offences in Delhi You Need to be Aware of

Expertily posted on 01 April

The Delhi Traffic Police website has details of traffic offences and their punishments, which you can check out here. It’s very comprehensive and informative. It’s also quite large, so the folks at Expertily have narrowed in on six rules you absolutely must know {and abide by}. Take a look.

Violation of Yellow Line {Central Verge}

This is the yellow line you see on roads which do not have a divider. Yes, this is the same yellow line over which you swerve your vehicle to the wrong side to overtake the ‘slow’ vehicle ahead of you. The punishment for this violation is INR 100 for the first offence and INR 300 for the second offence under Section 18(11)RRR/119/177 of the Motor Vehicles Act (MV Act).

Giving Alms to Beggars or Buying Articles from Vendors at Intersections

Shocking but true. Whenever you buy something from your vehicle at the traffic signal, you are violating an official rule. You are also not allowed to give alms to beggars at traffic intersections. The fine for this is INR 100 for the first offence and INR 300 for the second under Section 22(a) RRR/177 of the MV Act.

Smoking in the Vehicle

We all know how comfortably people smoke in their cars and drive their way through Delhi traffic every day. However, this is illegal too. It’s punishable with a fine of up to INR 100 for the first and INR 300 for the second offence under section DMVR 86.1(5)/177 of the MV Act.

Driving without Headlights after Sunset

This is basic stuff. You have a vehicle; you must have lights on them. If your vehicle lights are not working/broken, it’s not a question of you cannot drive after sunset, it’s more that you should not. The fine is INR 100 for the first and INR 300 for second offence under section CMVR 105/177 of the MV Act.

Using Your High Beam While Driving

Driving your car using high beam is not only inconvenient for traffic on the opposite side, but also dangerous for you. Let us put it this way- you drive with a high beam, which hits the driver in the car coming your way right in the eyes, which makes it hard for him/her to see and they bang their car in to your car. Need we provide more of an explanation?

The punishment for this in Delhi is INR 100 for a first time offender and INR 300 for the second offence under section 112(4)(a)&(c)/177 of the MV Act.

Driving an Overweight Vehicle

This means you cannot drive an overloaded vehicle, because each vehicle has a weight slab which must not be crossed for performance and safety reasons. The punishment? You’ll have to go to the court. You will directly have to go and pay the challan in the court under section 113/194 MV Act. Your vehicle might be seized too.

This post originally appeared on Expertily.