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6 Mini Samosas For Just INR 10! Yes That's A Thing

Aditya posted on 03 September


Six mini samosas dipped in chutney and topped with masala for just INR 10 sounds like something from the early 90s but is a delicious treat that is still available in the by lanes of Connaught Place.

Street Talk

KG Marg, Tolstoy Lane, and Janpath have more than a few great street vendors, but what started with just one stall and was soon available at every corner is the mini samosa.

This isn’t really available at a proper stall or even a thela, as the vendors just have a makeshift set-up where they prepare and fry these delicious samosas; but the one on Tolstoy Lane is a favourite for office goers in the area, because it is not only delicious, but also super cheap.

Bite-Sized Wonders

The vendors prepare these mini samosas in just a few minutes and serve them in a mix of sweet and spicy chutney, topped with some chaat masala. A single plate is available for INR 10 and has six of these tasty treats.

Situated right next to a tea stall, this vendor attracts a lot of professionals who are out for a quick office break and rainy days are just the best for munching on these bite-sized wonders.

So, We’re Saying…

Next time you’re in CP, make sure you go try these. While you and your friends might need more than just a plate {we bet you can’t eat just one}, each bite promises a burst of flavours.