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Check Out The Crazily Amazing Skin & Hair Care Range From The Man Company!

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1. Anti Bacterial Body Wash -Tea Tree & Lemon

Vitamin C facewash -Turmeric & Moringa

If you're crazy about your skincare regime just like I am, you have to, HAVE TO check out these beauties from "The Man Company"

I recently received this entire package of skin and hair care products and I can just not get over these! The results are definitely worth it and I'm loving it way too much

The products that I recieved:

1. Anti Bacterial Body Wash (Tea Tree & Lemon)

2. Vitamin C facewash (Turmeric & Moringa)

3. Onion seed hair oil (with black seed)

4. Daily Moisturizing Cream (Shea butter & Vitamin E)

* Paraben Free

* Sulphate Free

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