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Go Skydiving Near Delhi With USPA Certified Coaches

    What Makes It Awesome

    It’s been a while since Narnaul (a two-hour drive from Delhi) got this skydiving outfit in Skyhigh. Book 'jumps' for yourself or go in a group and get an unforgettable experience to boast about for years to come.

    Have you ever jumped out of a plane? Well, we have, and it was absolutely amazing. Free-falling for close to a minute and spinning through the air at 15,000 feet is an incredible experience (if you can stomach it). That initial nervousness of everyone crammed together on a rickety plan is only offset by the immediate and intense euphoria you feel as soon as you’re out that door. The high is unfathomable, and we completely understand why people get hooked. So we were mighty pleased when we heard Skyhigh, a commercial skydiving agency, has opened at the Narnaul airstrip in Haryana.

    Have a friend who is impossible to buy a gift for? Why not have them thrown out a plane? Skydiving is an amazing activity to try for the first time, and even better in a group. It is also the perfect activity for a group of friends trying to find something new, or even a family looking to spend some quality time together.

    Skyhigh offers three skydiving packages. There is the standard Tandem Jump without video (INR 23,500), Tandem Jump with video (INR 26,500), and a Tandem Jump with video and photographs (INR 27,500). The Skyhigh team recommends that individuals aged 18 to 60 participate in skydiving. If you’re younger, you need your parents’ presence, and if you’re older, you need approval from your doctor.

    90 kilos and below is the perfect jumping weight and if you have a heart condition, you must consult a physician beforehand. And don’t worry, you’ll receive a full hour’s training before you even see the plane. With professional instructors and steady pilots, it is a breeze.


    Remember to wear comfortable clothing. Avoid shorts, skirts, heels, sandals, or boots, and try and stick to athletic wear and sneakers.