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Sitting in office and having maa ke haath ka khaana may be interesting for a couple of days, but then the usual dal chawal and roti sabzi loses its appeal. We too were looking to upgrade our palates, and we stumbled on FreshMenu. With a wide variety of international cuisines to choose from, here’s our pick for what you should definitely check out.

Mexican Street Food

If you are feeling particularly Mexican today, which is to say you’re looking for some tangy and spicy flavours, then dive into the Antojitos {Mexican street food} menu and try some tortillas, tacos, chorizos, burritos, quesadilla or chimichanga.

Oriental Delights

Oriental cuisine is all about paying intricate attention to detail, and there is much more to it than just veg Manchurian and Hakka noodles. Switch up from the usual Chinese dishes and check out the Thai minced chicken bowl or the Hunan tofu rice bowl for a wholesome afternoon meal.

Land of Hummus, Kebabs and Shawarma

Middle-Eastern style of cooking is very much like our Mughlai cuisine, with rolls and kebabs, but prepared in a totally different way. Be it the Israeli falafel or hummus, the Turkish kebabs or the Arabic shawarma, your taste buds won’t get enough of them, trust us.

When The West Calls

There is more to American cuisine than just hamburgers and French fries. It has a rich diversity of food styles, all with global appeal. Switch up from your regular burgers and go for the Sirloin Steak, roast turkey or the Louisiana specialty Jambalaya.

From The Land Of The Matadors

Spanish cuisine is very different from the Mexican style of cooking. In fact, saffron acts as a major spice and is used in variety of dishes. The key highlights include paella, gazpacho and Patatas Bravas.

Taste Of The Caribbean

The Jamaican style of cooking has a rich influence of British, African, Spanish and Indian cuisines. The most used ingredients include goat meat, fish and traditional fruits. Check out the goat curry with rice for a scrumptious experience.

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