Slick Smoking Paraphernalia & Hemp Products At Slimjim India


India’s first web-based smoking paraphernalia space, Slimjim brings to you top-notch pouches, pipes, skins and more, sealed and delivered to your doorstep.

Puff, Puff, Pass

What started off as primarily a roach pad and rolling paper production unit has now turned into an online haven for everyone who’s into the green stuff. You can find everything from pouches {in kooky designs}, pipes, pre-rolled cones, to the skins {which have flavours} and roach paper pads of course.

Hemp Me Out

That’s far from all they have. You can also find a range of hemp products on their site- from wallets and backpacks to chappals. And considering hemp is a great organic resource for body care products, they’ve included hemp-based body butters, lip balms and creams in their repertoire. Worth taking a look we think.

Blunts For Brands

They’ll do custom roach pads and skins for brands, apt to give away as freebies or to sell as merchandise. Minimum order is 200 pieces though, so think big.

What Else?

The Slimjim Happy Box. A goody box that comes equipped with two blunts {wrapped in cigar skin}, pre-rolled cones {in different flavours} so you barely have to do any work and a few skins and roach pads, it’s quite possibly the perfect present for anyone that’s into the baked life. All of this at just INR 500. Winning, indeed.

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