Need Comfy Summer Shoes? Here Are 10 Pairs Of Sliders You Can Shop Online


    With summer in the air, it’s time we started updating the little parts of our wardrobe that’ll help us stay chill AF. A smart move is to stock up on a few, select pairs of sliders to pair with those breezy, summer skirts and dresses. These babies will help your toes stay cool through the veritable sauna that is the Delhi days to come, so it helps to have a few handy for those extra scorching kind of days…

    Keep Up Your Tan

    Sliders with Embroidered Upper

    A pretty, feminine mix of tan and embroidery, these sliders won’t just keep you cool; they’ll add the extra element of ‘delicate’ to your feet while they’re at it. They’d work beautifully with a white sundress or ivory chiffon skirt.

    Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

    Flat Iridescent Sliders

    The cool, metallic hues of these sliders have an almost futuristic vibe – an easy way to add a little life to a basic, black pair of pants or shorts in an instant. Just don’t pair ’em with anything too shiny.


    Stripe Right

    Sliders With Stripes Panel

    There’s a melt-in-your-mouth candy vibe about these that’s just SO summer. From the icy-fresh, pastel blue and white combo, to the comfy, flat-heeled sole, these scream ‘poolside cute’, don’t they?

    Block That Colour

    Broad Strap Sliders With Contrast Stripe Detailing

    Monochrome is always a good idea. A trend that’s been in style for, basically, ever, we don’t see the appeal of these split-hued sliders dying down anytime soon. Bonus: They go with everything.


    Put Some Bling On It

    A crush flats

    A little shine is tres stylish – when it’s done right. The easiest way to bring it in is through your accessories {a full-fledged, sequinned skirt isn’t everyone’s cup of tea}, and this pair of sliders is the perfect gateway to that.

    Check Those Out

    Check blossom flats

    Best paired with a checkered skirt or shirt that goes with {or even clashes with} this form of black-and-white gingham checks, these shoes are easy-peasy-summer-breezy. However, they don’t look like they’ll take well to water, so avoid them at the pool, maybe?

    Fluff It Up

    GINGER Stylised Floral Detail Slippers

    It’s always fun to mix up the straight-up pragmatic silhouette of the slider with a fun element, like the poofy, floral details on these pastel-hued numbers. Try to avoid pairing with ruffles; you’ll look a little OTT if you do.


    Go For The Gold

    Carlton London Women Rose Gold-Toned Solid Synthetic Open Toe Flats


    The jelly-like texture of these sliders makes them ever-so pool-ready. The rose-gold is right kind of subtle, metallic hue that’s good for bling beginners – it’s pretty, but not in-your-face.


    Black Is the New Black

    Carlton London Black Sandals

    Owning a classic, matte-black pair like these could never be a mistake, Teaming well with neutrals as well as blasts of pop colour, a crisp-but-casual pair like this in a base hue like black is a smart decision.


    Nude Operator

    Steve Madden Diva Beige Sandals

    These basic-beiges will be a beautiful, blending element to any pastel/neutral outfit you choose to throw together. The delicate, unobtrusive colour and anything-but-overt style will lend itself to numerous, outfit medleys.