#NewInTown: This Pan-Asian Cloud Kitchen Gave Us Food Worth Remembering

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Sloppy Sticks

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What Makes It Awesome

Finessed, innovative food that is miles away from your run off the mill 'Chinjabi' fare (no offence, still love it) and yet has tons of flavour makes Sloppy Sticks one of our favourite new finds this year. And you know the year we've been having, don't you?

Anyway, to the good stuff then. Sloppy Sticks is a cloud kitchen delivery concept headed by Aprajita Gupta and on the menu are delicacies from Japan to Thailand to Vietnam To Korea To Singapore - phew, it's all-encompassing. We ordered a bunch of stuff for our first experience and the food was delivered piping hot in a vibrant, pastel, and fun packaging that really impressed us and a portion size suitable for our glutton tendencies. 

There were two kinds of dumplings - prawn and chives, and veg yellow curry ones. The former was fresh and perfectly balanced, while the latter had a real good hit of chilli. And I mean, REAL GOOD. Then there was Chicken Malay Spiced Butter with a nice South Indian touch, a Mushroom Truffle Bao which was interesting and worth a try, though it's an acquired taste for sure, and the Shaoxing Chicken which was nice and light and we just couldn't stop popping them in. Repeat-worthy, for sure.

The pick of the lot was the Krapow Chicken, a Thai preparation with mince-style chicken in a fish sauce which gave it a superb depth of flavour, and the Chan Han Crispy Spinach Fried Rice, which were again full of savoury Asian flavours and the crispy spinach was something else. You could hear the crunch miles away.

And this was just 1% of the menu, literally. Sloppy Sticks' menu is next-level extensive and the next dishes we're thinking about as we write this are the Pomelo and Mandarin Salad, spicy Larb Gai, fresh Crabstick and Avocado Kimchi, Hot 'n Sour Soup with Truffle Oil - we need to stop.

Cost for two: INR 1,000

What Could Be Better

The only let down was the Kung Pao Mushroom dish which was very sweet. But turns out, it comes in a spicy option as well, so that was an oversight, we guess.


Sloppy Sticks delivery is available across Delhi-NCR and they're following all of WHO's guidelines during meal prep and delivery. Safe and tasty pan-Asian, here we come.