Comfort Meets Functionality: This Cool Streetwear Label Is What Your Wardrobe Needs

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Smoke Wear

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What Makes It Awesome

Do you love apparel that's chic and minimal at the same time? Of course, we're not missing out on the 'comfy' factor here. Well, well, there's this new streetwear brand in the market that will blow your mind, in a good way. Smoke Wear is an online-only store that does really cool clothing for both men and women.

If you question why cool then let us tell you (in all excitement) that they have super comfy (read: baggy) joggers, contrast sleeved sweatshirts (it's fashion, please), multi-way usable suspenders, over-sized t-shirts, baggy chinos (with number of pockets), and so much more that you won't be able to resist swiping your cards. 

Started by Varun Jain (brainchild behind Smoke Vodka) and Khanijo (a Delhi-based label), Smoke Wear shouts out loud functionality. All of their pieces are definitely wardrobe staples and if you are someone who likes to play with monochrome look, you'd have a lovely time shopping from this label (your welcome!)

Their price range starts at INR 1,299.

What Could Be Better

Their basics such as tank tops and caps can start at INR 1,299 but joggers, rompers, jackets can cost you more and we thought it was pretty expensive.