Spin Bottom Glasses To Electric Wine Opener: Fill Your Bar Cabinet With These Elegant Bar Essentials


    What Makes It Awesome

    If you spend a decent amount of time near the bar cabinet than any other place in the house then you'll have a great time (and hopefully a few additions) after reading this. If that's a no, read it still - you might just end up ordering something for people who appreciate a functional bar. While on a hunt for some wine glasses, we landed upon Smokey Cocktail - an online store solely dedicated to making quirky bar accessories. 

    Smokey Cocktail has a stunning collection of barware with off-beat, contemporary designs. They have a refined glassware collection sectioned according to the different kinds of drinks, tea and coffee included. What's unique about these glasses is the shape. Think cocktails glasses in shapes of a mushroom, swan, and more. Their whiskey glass with a round, expanded bottom has a very Harry Potter-ish vibe to it. Smokey Cocktail has three kinds of handmade wine glasses which blew our minds. We're talking stemless fountain glass, a sleek looking stainless steel gold glass and a slender one. Frozen vodka glasses? Sure! Folks at Smokey Cocktail have designed ice trays (INR 1,199) which assist in making ice glasses. They have a bunch of other quirky beer, cocktail and shot glasses. The art of bartending requires knowledge about liquors, precision and a whole lot of fancy tools to work with. Smokey Cocktail has a handy set of must-haves (INR 2,999) which include a corkscrew,  cocktail mixer/shaker and more. You can also purchase their rechargeable Electric Wine Opener (INR 3,499) for those gizmo loving friends. Take it from us, all your bar needs will be met here.

    Price: INR 1099 onwards 

    What Could Be Better

    While we love their glassware collection, we would love to see some more accessories like coasters, bottle openers and so on. 


    They offer Pan-India shipping, y'all - we'd toast to that.