Snack Attack: Healthy Bites For 4PM Hunger Pangs

Urvee posted on 27 June

The dreaded snack attack: We’ve all fallen victim to it multiple times. And well, who can blame us? Thanks to hectic work schedules, food is literally the only bright spot in our lives. However, there are great alternatives to unhealthy, fried snacks—bye bye 5pm samosas, anda bread, and pakora {*sad face*} and hello, healthier, fitter you.


Well, duh. And in summer, what better than mangoes, litchi or watermelon? Yum. If you want something a little less messier, try a banana, apple, orange or anything that can be carried easily, simply washed and eaten. {Or don’t wash them; we’re not looking}.

You can order fruits online here or get them at your local store.

Calorie Count:

Banana/200 gm: 178 cal
Watermelon/200 gm: 60 cal
Apple/200gm: 104 cal
Orange/200 gm: 94 cal
Litchi/200 gm: 132 cal


Cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pistachios…the list is endless. Throw in a few raisins for good measure and you’ve got a snack that you won’t be able to stop munching on.

Calorie count:

Cashew nut/20 gm: 114 cal
Walnuts/20 gm:  120 cal
Almonds/20 gm:  104 cal
Pine nuts/20 gm: 130 cal

You can order nuts online here, and this one’s an LBB favourite.

GREKYO Yoghurt

Possibly the easiest to carry option on this list, and hands down the yummiest {really, we can’t stop eating this}, NESTLÉ’s Greek yogurt, called NESTLÉ a+GREKYO, ranks super-high in terms of both deliciousness and healthiness. They add extra milk protein and calcium, and bits of real fruit so it’s thick, creamy and best of all, low-fat.

Calorie count:

GREKYO/100gm: 106 cal

Buy GREKYO yoghurt for INR 30 here.

Biscuits & Crackers

We know chai and biskit time is special, and there’s no dearth of chocolate biscuits out there— but we’re telling you it’s time to switch to some wholewheat, digestive, fibre-full healthier biscuits. It’s for your own good, we promise.

Calorie count:

Biscuits/32gm: 98 cal
Crackers/32 gm: 162 cal

You probably know the local grocery store options, so we’ll switch it up. We pick C-Greens, available at Altitude store {Meherchand Market}, and Georgia Dakota’s cookies.


And no, we don’t mean caramel popcorn. High in fibre and low in calories, popcorn makes for a great, low-cal, healthy snack. Just lay off on adding the butter {maybe substitute it with olive oil?}. If your office kitchen has a microwave, all the better.

Calorie count:

Popcorn/30 gm: 114 cal

Order popcorn from BigBazaar or Flipkart, or get them at your local store.

Granola Bars

A little bit of effort, but this is so worth it. All you need to do is look up a few recipes online and you’re on your way. No-bake double chocolate peanut butter bars? Healthy brownie granola bars? Soft pumpkin granola bars? Dates, oats and nuts granola bars? The possibilities are endless.

Calorie count:

Granola bar/20 gm: 98 cal

Check out our preferences, here.

This recommendation is in partnership with NESTLÉ.