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Snackible: Subscribe To Healthy Snack Boxes


Snackible, founded by Aditya Sanghavi, is an online snack delivery platform that offers innovative and healthy snacking options right to your desk.

Fix Those Untimely Hunger Pangs

Gluttons that we all are, the three-meals-a-day formula is just not meant for us. So when the box from Snackible arrived at the office, the timing couldn’t have been any better.

By the end of it, their range of cookies were already our personal favourites. Be it the Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies {never thought ragi could taste so good} or the Oat Honey Raisin Cookies, we loved them all!

Sweetly Done

Snackible has given waffles a favorable makeover by offering easy-to-grab versions of them, be it the Choco Chip or the Cinnamon Waffle. They have a range of snack bars too, like the Seedy Trail Mix, made with a bunch of healthy seeds like roasted watermelon, pumpkin, flax and sunflower. Their Maple Honey Granola Crunchers reminded us a bit of chikkis, only way healthier.

Savoury Stuff

You might find the Hot Wasabi Peanuts to be slightly bitter, but they might just grow on you, which you can then wash down with some chilled beer on the side. Ditto for the slightly spicy Roasted Mexican Chickpeas and Cream and Onion Wholewheat Thins, which would probably go well with some creamy dip.

Another hit was the their range of Himalayan Apple Products, which easily turned out to be one of the highlights of the package.

The Healthy And The Tasty

There are monthly and weekly subscription plans to choose from, complete with tailored snack boxes according to your preference. Moreover, all their snacks are baked and sealed in nitrogen packs to increase their shelf lives, and none of them have any preservatives, either. Snackible is the combination of health and taste we had been looking for in our otherwise unhealthy snacks all this while!

Price: INR 50 onwards

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