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This Truck Standing In The Middle Of The Market Is Actually A Cafe!

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While exploring some food options in Malviya Nagar, we came across Snacky Shaky {don’t let the name turn you off}, a truck-turned-eating-joint, bang in the middle of the market and we had to stop to check it out.

Horn Ok Please!

We definitely got highway feels, the minute we stepped inside the ‘truck’ to order some authentic dal makhani with naan but much to our disappointment, the theme didn’t quite match the food they serve. We were welcomed with a pamphlet menu featuring pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, rolls and kulchas. To beat the heat though, we started by ordering their cold coffee and it was delicious!

What To Order?

Well, definitely start with the cold coffee. They mix a bit of chocolate syrup to make it a tad sweeter but it definitely cheers you up on a hot summer day. We didn’t experiment much with their food, as the menu looked quite regular, but settling for their chicken kulcha {with extra cheese for INR 10} and a paneer grilled sandwich was our best bet, and we were very happy with what we got.

They also serve chicken wings and crispy chicken popcorn.

So, We're Saying...

They’re pretty affordable and they seem to be pretty popular with Malviya Nagar residents {they deliver too}. So next time you’re at the market, look for a stationary truck that serves some good snack-y food.